Did someone say the C word?... It’s Chocolate time!

It’s all things chocolate in Norwich this Easter. Push post-Christmas diets aside, we’re now ready to eat our weight in Easter Eggs. Are you up for the chocolate challenge?

We may be known for our Colman’s Mustard but our other superhero takes form in a much richer and darker tone than our aforementioned friend. It all began many moons ago – the 19th Century to be more specific – when a gentleman called Albert Jarman Caley opened a factory in 1883, manufacturing drinking cocoa which then turned into chocolate a few years later.

By 1904, the factory was shipping their chocolate all over the world, and even manufacturing Marching Chocolate for our troops during the first World War.

Fun fact - the factory was sold to John Macintosh and the first packet of Rolo’s was born! The caramel delight became so popular, they were making two tonnes of it per hour. Crikey!

After almost a hundred solid years of producing some of the most famous chocolates (Rolo, Munchies and more), the factory was closed in 1996 and demolished in 2004, for what we familiarly know now as intu Chapelfield.

Caley’s lived on though with Caley’s Cocoa Café opening in the historic Guildhall in Norwich where Fairtrade hot chocolates and treats were enjoyed and bought. It is now the wonderful Café Britannia.

See? Us Norwichians were trendsetters from the start and we continue to show our love for chocolate to this day.

Spend this Easter showing your love and appreciation for chocolate by heading to one of the many eateries which devote themselves to the cocoa bean, and include something chocolate-based on the menu.

Our recommendations include Digby’s Fine Chocolates for those who are looking to buy the perfect chocolate-based gift (for yourself obviously!), situated in The Royal Arcade, an Afternoon Tea at The Assembly House where the Salted Caramel Chocolate tart is to die for, or Cupcakes and Bubbles where the chocolate cupcake is accompanied with your choice of bubbly, making it the perfect combination the Gods could’ve bestowed on us.

In our South Norfolk market town of Harleston is a delightful place called Just Truffles: handmade Belgian chocolates, with gluten free and vegan treats too! And this is a must place to visit if you're in the area. Not to mention, the famous Booja Booja chocolates are based in South Norfolk too with stockists in Wymondham and and Bergh Apton.

There are so many other places for both chocolate and non-chocolate lovers (see our blog post on The Britons Arms, Jarrolds, Maids Head Hotel, Delice) which have the best dessert and sweet treats and will make you really appreciate Lent being over soon, if chocolate is what you gave up. 

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