Mayday, May Day – Bank Holiday!

It’s May and we celebrate with two bank holidays! So what is there to do over a 3-day weekend? Read on to discover things to do in Norwich with an extra 24 hours… 

Bank Holiday Monday - 1st May. The first and the best way to start the month off is with a long weekend of Spring bliss.

Film lovers gather round for The Final Reel, presented by The Norwich Film Festival. Find out exactly just why we still love going to the cinema in an age where everything is available in the comforts of our homes. A great way to start off the Bank Holiday weekend with film fanactics all around. 

Or why not just run wild with Running Wild - based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo - and join Oona fight and escape the dangers of the beach. With highly rated reviews from the likes of The Guardian, this is one you wouldn't want to miss over the weekend at Norwich Theatre Royal.

Whether it's beaming with sunshine or pouring with tears from the sky, a walk around Fairhaven is beautiful regardless, especially for their Bluebell Guided Walk! Perfect Sunday plans huh?

Get down and dirty with the Banham Zoo crew and drop in for droppings! Don't knock it until you try it - visit and  learn about the stinky world of dung. Who will make it to the end of the talk? You or the little ones? Either way, be sure to check out the rest of the zoo and make new friends with the animals once you've had your educational dung experience.


The latter Bank Holiday weekend of May starts on the 27th and dare we say it, it will be almost the start of summer! Get planning…

Here’s one for you book lovers out there! Turn The Page is back – an international art and design fair at The Forum on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 May. International artist Anna Yevtukh creates the centre piece of a leather bound ‘Streets of Books’ to explore ideas of belonging, habitation and environment.

The Norwich Gaming Festival is a free festival at The Forum making an epic Bank Holiday Monday for all you gamers out there. Join Noctis and Corvo fanatics to discuss some of the biggest releases this year – Final Fantasy IV and Dishonored 2 – as well as the big Nintendo Switch and your thoughts on it. Meet like-minded gamers and show off your skills in some (friendly) battles! Don’t forget that The Forum is a Gym for the Pokemon Go world, so no doubt you’ll be meeting some allies and foes along the way. Where does your loyalty lay… Mystic, Instinct or Valor? It all kicks off Bank Holiday Monday for a week, so why not extend that long weekend feeling into a week?... Oh go on!

Grab the end of the renowned Norfolk & Norwich Festival which finishes Sunday 28 May, closing off with a City of Literature weekend. See Russia and Revolution, Writing the Fringes and more – there’s something for everyone at this marvellous festival. But seriously, if you can, visit sooner and see what else they have to offer this year.

People aren’t exaggerating when they say Norwich and the surrounding area is beautiful and easy to experience on foot. With so many walking tours readily available, you’ll be able to learn about the history of the city whilst seeing, living and breathing it all!

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