Aphra | Head Out, Not Home


Aphra’s music wriggles into your ear canals like the smell of an elder sister’s cooking into your nasal cavity.  Notes of young adult confusion and lust are mixed in equal measure with determined hope and resilient sunniness, swirling through your lobes like sangria.

Described by the less food-minded Outlook Magazine as “upbeat and cheerful, which bellies the seriousness and thoughtful nature of the lyrics” Aphra prepares a meal out of stage presence; her wild and engaging dancing the little tip of chocolate at the end of the cornetto that is live music performance.

Head Out, Not Home is a series of free live music and entertainment events happening in Norwich city centre throughout the summer. Taking place Sunday afternoons from 24 July to 4 September, these free family friendly performances are open to all.

Stage: Riverside

Find out more about Head out Not Home here.

See Aphra perform live at Riverside starting at 1.45pm, 2.55pm and 4.05pm.


Aphra | Head Out, Not Home

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