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The Buhara Ensemble is a multi-national group currently based in Norwich which offers a musical combination embodying an exciting blend of cultures including elements of jazz, flamenco, oriental and classical music.
The ensemble was founded in 2005 by the Turkish pianist and composer Firdevs Eke who grew up in Seville (Spain). Here, she was introduced to Andalusian folk music, which captivated her with its lively rhythms and colourful harmonies. Strongly influenced by the folkloric traditions of these cultures, Firdevs developed a distinctive style based on her classical training. She has been performing as a solo pianist and in various chamber music formats in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and, in the UK. Her original compositions and arrangements give the ensemble a very personalised sound.

Firdevs created the ensemble in a flexible format in Ghent, Belgium. Its current formation is a trio, which, as well as herself on the piano, includes the Venezuelan violinist Juan Gabriel Rojas, a passionate performer who has played solo and chamber music all over Europe and South America from the classical and baroque traditions to Latin-American, contemporary and popular genres, and Ivars Galenieks, a venturesome double bass player from Latvia, who started his career as a classical bassist at the Latvian State Symphony Orchestra and has since performed at many jazz festivals in the Soviet Union and Europe.

Head Out, Not Home is a series of free live music and entertainment events happening in Norwich city centre throughout the summer. Taking place Sunday afternoons from 24 July to 4 September, these free family friendly performances are open to all.

Stage: St Gregory’s Green

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See them at St Gregory’s Green starting at: 13.15pm, 14.25pm and 15.35pm

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