Tatlin’s Tower


Tatlin’s Tower

A striking sculpture inspired by Soviet painter and architect Vladimir Tatlin, formed part of The Russia Season at the Sainsbury Centre, alongside the Royal Fabergé and Radical Russia exhibitions.

Found close-by in the grounds and suspended above the East End Gallery, Tatlin’s Tower provides a startling example of Russian avant-garde art, design and architecture.

Vladimir Tatlin’s Monument for the Third International is the latest addition to the Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park.
Tatlin’s Tower, as it is known, was never built, but was a symbol of utopian vision from Revolutionary Russia. The steel-framed spiral design was intended to be a 400-metre monument in St Petersburg – taller than the Eiffel Tower.

The 10 metre scale model of the monument, recreated by architect Sir Jeremy Dixon using architectural drawings, was donated to us by the Royal Academy of Arts, and forms the centrepiece of our Russia Season.

This event is free.