Adventures in Norwich


It’s a Viking Invasion! Starting in February, Norwich Castle will be hosting Viking: Rediscover the Legend to offer a new perspective on how the Vikings shaped aspects of life in Britain. Featuring objects from the British and Yorkshire Museum, this exhibition is sure to challenge your perceptions on Viking Life.



Can you solve the puzzles and win your freedom? Set in historical locations – where the stories actually happened – History Mystery is a fantastic hour of fun! Working in teams of 2 – 8 players, choose ‘The Merchants’ Vault’ at the Museum of the Bridewell, or ‘Archived Alive!’ and ‘Body of Evidence’ at Norwich Guildhall.



Lying on the outskirts of Norwich, Whitlingham offer a wide range of activities, whether you want a gentle stroll around the lake or to learn stand-up paddle and windsurfing. Plus, there are activities for the whole family.



Based in Augustine Steward House in Tombland, Cryptic Escape will challenge you to break codes, search for hidden objects, and make your escape all in under 60 minutes. Take your pick from ‘The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted’, ‘The Treasure of Green Beard’ or, if you are feeling brave ‘The Haunted’.

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