Benefits of Partnership

This is what we do: and it’s all we do

A non-profit organisation, we’re a small team making a big impact. Making visitors city-savvy before they’ve even arrived, we’re also specialists in hitting the right pitch when it comes to promoting you and your business. We’re financially supported by our members and public organisations like Norwich City Council. That’s it. So we’re free to work for the good of the city and those who make it prosper.

Many businesses don’t realise we’re also part of Norwich BID (Business Improvement District), giving us an enormous local network and a larger budget, not to mention wider city connections, expertise and campaign space.


Why joining makes sense for your business:


We’re supported by VisitBritain and VisitEngland, providing coverage across the region, the nation and across the world. If you’re a small business with a modest team, our PR reach gives you the opportunity to get on with what you love doing.


Working closely with Greater Anglia, we also use tools like Vuelio and TravMedia to react, respond and pitch stories nationally. Heard of the travel publication Rough Guide? We work with them too.


Access to the Visit brand means access to statistics and surveys, so you can get ahead of market trends and address possible market-wide issues before they arise. Knowledge and understanding are powerful tools for growth.


On a local level, draw on the expertise and knowledge of over one hundred VisitNorwich members across all sectors and across the county of Norfolk too.

Our partnerships bring valuable networking and training opportunities, nurturing best practice and giving advice relevant to your area. Invaluable regular updates from the tourism industry and other members give you unrivalled insider knowledge. Out of office, exclusive member events, exhibition launches and networking give you a head-start on changes in the industry.


VisitNorwich is a Destination Marketing Organisation (or DMO). VisitBritain and VisitEngland only work with the country’s 200 DMOs, not individual businesses, so membership with us will give you a connection to their weight, influence and experience.


Be part of something bigger. The ‘Visit’ brand is respected all over the world and it’s a trusted source of information.

A fresh look

May 2019 saw a bright, new rebrand for Norwich The City of Stories. Focused on inclusion and a contemporary, updated vision for the city, it highlights the innovative and brave spirit at the heart of the business culture. We want you to be part of this exciting new chapter in our story.

Did you know?

VisitNorwich is approached for recommendations for where film crews should stay, where to film, where to photograph and who to interview. The media trust working with us.

Our team

We work hard. We deliver. We meet our deadlines. We’re also approachable, friendly and no query is too small. The City of Stories and the success of its creative business owners – both big and small – are our passion. Join us and you join a team with a reach far outside our city walls, even beyond our shores.

Sign up today or if you’d like more information about what we can do for you and your business, pick up the phone and tell us your story.

Own a hotel or accommodation business? You’re currently under-represented in our numbers and we’d really like to hear from you.