Bullards at Jarrold

Norwich Lanes

Jarrold and Bullards – two iconic Norwich brands – have joined together to promote the very best of what the city has to offer.

Located on the lower ground floor next to Jarrold’s Deli Wine Bar, the Bullards Sensory & Tasting Bar is situated in prime position to offer Jarrold visitors a true taste of The Spirit of Norwich™️.

Well known for supplying beers, wines and spirits, the fascinating history of Bullards spans six generations and continues to the present day with their award-winning, handcrafted gin.

Each and every award-winning gin style offers a special and unique experience. Distilled and hand bottled in the iconic Crystal House Distillery, Bullards produce 4 core gins – ‘World’s Best’ London Dry, fresh and fruity Strawberry & Black Pepper, traditionally warm Old Tom and the delicately saline Coastal gin.

Take a guided tasting tour through the Norwich distillery’s entire range and learn all about the distinctive aromatics used to create their uniquely Norfolk gins. Sample different styles, learn about their perfect pairings and even get some handy tips on how to serve the perfect cocktail!

Whether you’re a juniper connoisseur or a first-time sipper, Bullards Spirits truly have something for everyone.