Gyre & Gimble Gin Academy

Norwich Lanes

The perfect treat for any gin-lover, the Gyre & Gimble Gin Academy gives you the chance to embrace your inner ginspiration and create your very own spirit from scratch.

Immerse yourself in the world of gin, and by all means, bring a friend or 2 – our sessions are suitable for groups of up to 5. And everyone goes home with a full-sized 7ocl bottle of their bespoke gin, and leaves behind a copy of their own particular recipe in the Gyre & Gimble archive (so you can come back and recreate it another day!).

The Gin Academy is based next to our bar on Charing Cross in the centre of Norwich. You’ll work at your own miniature copper still in our dedicated gin lab where, G&T in hand, you’ll be guided by an expert through the process. From choosing which of over 30 botanicals to use, to precision weighing and dilution to distillation and labelling, your gin is in your hands.

Throughout the session, you’ll enjoy three superb cocktails as well as learning about the fascinating history of the spirit and our insider secrets for the best botanicals.

By the end of the session, you’ll be all set to head home with your hands full of your very own full sized 70cl bottle of gin, and your personal recipe on record to be reproduced at any time in the future.

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