Specialist Shops In Norwich

Not only are the shops great but there are loads of other places to feed your passion, whether it be buying antiques or vintage, browsing fairs or visiting auctions.



If you are looking for a specific silver spoon or browsing for something really special, we have plenty of places to search. Try one of the large Antique Centres or work your way through a list of the many antique shops in Norwich and the market towns. 

Norfolk is proud to be home to two internationally known auction houses, with regular sales of antiques and collectables (fans of TV shows like Bargain Hunt will be already be familiar).



Sometimes you want something different or unusual, not the same as everyone else. It's easy to browse lots of different items in one place if you visit one of our independent galleries where groups of independent crafts people get together under one roof.


Norwich does vintage very well!  The vintage Norwich scene is growing quickly and is fast gaining an excellent reputation for its superb range of clothes and furniture for sale.

For the best in vintage head for:

 Best vintage hangouts;


Art galleries

With local artists producing stunning artworks, you'll be tempted to pack your suitcase with a painting or sculpture to take home with you

Don't forget the museums as well, they often have local artists works or stunning art prints for sale in their shops.


Secondhand books

We all love our Kindles and e-readers, but it's not the same as the touch, feel and smell of a book, especially an old favourite which has never been uploaded. From the number of enquiries we get for secondhand book sellers, we know you feel the same


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