A Real Mermaid's Tale

From Saturday 26th August 2017 11:00 to 15:30

A Real Mermaid’s Tale is an exciting seafaring adventure. Follow our intrepid explorer, Amelia Buttersnap, brave adventurer and seeker out of hidden and mysterious creatures, as she sets out on her continuing quest to discover evidence of the unknown.

After her Real Alien Adventure in Spring, Amelia now finds herself deep underwater in search of mermaids! Along the way she encounters pirates, monstrous sea creatures and even saves the mermaids’ treasure.

A strong, playful character tells a gripping story full of plots, sneakiness and good old fashioned bravery with a mixture of glove puppets and magic tricks as well as traditional shadow puppetry, accompanied by a specially commissioned musical score.

Performances: 11am (all ages) & 2.30pm (ages 3+)
Tickets: £9 / £30 family of four

Find us here

Norwich Puppet Theatre, St James, Whitefriars, Norwich, NR3 1TN

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