Armistice Legacy of the Great War in Norfolk.

From Saturday 20th October 2018 to Sunday 6th January 2019

This major centenary exhibition commemorates the end of the first World War and explores the effect of the War on Norwich and Norfolk, from the physical impact on the county to the stories of communities and individuals whose lives were transformed by it.    

Celebrating resilience, as well as commemorating loss, the rich displays show fine art and textiles alongside locally manufactured goods, such as wire netting, which made the ‘wire road’, enabling troops to walk through the Sinai desert. Posters, photographs, archives and interactive displays complement the diverse objects drawn from around the county.

A series of finely crafted artworks by Paddy Hartley focus on the subject of memorialization; called Papaver Rhoeas, these unique and exquisite poppies will gradually change throughout the exhibition.  

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Norwich Castle, Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 3JU

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