Creative Matters: Rachel

From Monday 14th October 2019 12:30

A story of resilience. A story hidden. A story now shared offering hope for us all.

Small Nose and Trestle weave together intricate full mask theatre, with elements of clowning, to share this incredibly moving performance.

Mrs Rachel Levy is a survivor of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Rachel is also a survivor of the ‘Death March’ that took place when the Nazis evacuated Auschwitz as the Red Army closed in. She is also a survivor of Bergen Belsen concentration camp, considered to be the most brutal and hopeless of all of the death camps. All hope was gone, but Rachel survived. ‘It was a miracle!’ She told us.

Rachel didn’t speak of her experience for 50 years and now in an extraordinary show of resilience she has entrusted it to us and both companies feel an immense privilege to be handed the responsibility of passing her story on to our audiences and participants.

Post show Q&A with Small Nose Productions.

Duration: 1 hour show, plus Q&A.

12:30pm & 2pm

Age recommendation: 11+

Part of Creative Matters – finding refuge and sanctuary, October 2019.


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Theatre Royal, Theatre Street, Norwich, NR2 1RL

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