Free Street Entertainment - 17 August

From Thursday 17th August 2017 16:40 to 20:00

Our FREE summer events programme returns offering more great family entertainment, including Covent Garden performers, local acts, bands and much more. Head Out, Not Home this summer and have some fun in Norwich.

This week's schedule:

Timberhill - 16:40, 17:40, 18:50
Jason Maverick
Jason is a multi-skilled entertainer -  A mime artist and contact juggling specialist, he zigzags between corporate entertainment and street theatre events.

Westlegate - 17:00, 18:10, 19:20
Malt House String Quartet
A vibrant and energetic group of musicians who have an extensive and varied repertoire that covers many genres from Classical to Pop to Jazz.

Hay Hill - 17:00, 18:00, 19:00
Helen Bluebelle and Robbie Hall
Helen Bluebelle has been influenced by the likes of Ludovico Einaudi, Walking On Cars and Ed Sheeran. Helen incorporates contemporary minimalism with pop-ballad sensibilities. Robbie Hall delivers a funk and soul driven sound through acoustic written chord progressions mixed with hip/hop inspired lyricism.

Gentleman’s Walk - 17:00, 18:10, 19:20
Sefo Kanuteh
A virtuosic, soulful and authentic kora and balafon player, Sefo’s compositions are a melodic mixture of highly-valued traditional pieces, intertwined with styles from every continent, thus firmly planting Sefo as a contemporary Mande musician. He music sings of his life, family and freedom.

St Gregory’s Green - 17:10, 18:20, 19:30
Très Pantalons
Très Pantalon are a beats heavy, polly-rhythmical quintet from the East of England. Coined 'Post-Funk' by BBC introducing this brass and bass instrumental ensemble swap lyrics for bold guitar riffs, heavy bass lines and sweetly syncopated horns. 

For more information visit the Norwich BID website.

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