Head Out, Not Home: Thursday 2nd August

From Thursday 2nd August 2018 16:40 to 20:00

Enjoy entertainment from Covent Garden street performers and live music from local bands and acts, courtesy of Norwich BID.

Free early evening entertainment taking place in 5 locations around the city, from 4.40pm - 8pm each Thursday over the summer.

Line up for Thursday 2nd August:    

16:40, 17:40, 18:50
London Street

Rob Roy Collins
With over 10 years’ experience Rob’s daredevil stunts have included escaping upside down from straightjackets, chains, ropes and handcuffs.  He holds a Guinness World Record he famously escaped from a straightjacket while hanging upside down from a helicopter in flight.  An international performer, Rob can hold a crowd in the palm of his hand by combining balance, acrobatics and escapology with a natural sense of humour, comic timing and showmanship. Rob’s signature escape is from handcuffs and twenty metres of steel chain, on top of a ten-foot ladder.

17:30, 19:15

Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation Circus will present an extract of their new duo show - Inside Out. Inside Out is based on the close professional and personal relationship between the two performers, Massimilano Rossetti and Roisin Morris. Their performance explores how people interact and behave in a close relationship, what are their boundaries and reactions when those boundaries are pushed.The performance is intimate, and delicately humorous, inviting the audience to see the backstage reality, whilst also utilising the performers spectacular physical skill, and unusual circus discipline - the Korean Cradle


17:00, 18:00, 19:00
Norwich Arts Centre Front Lawn

Finn Doherty
Finn Doherty is an alternative, solo artist from North London, based in Norwich. His songs combine Hip-Hop grooves with alternative rock guitars, blended with soulful vocal melodies. For fans of Bon Iver, Massive Attack, Eminem and Lil Peep.


17:00, 18:10, 19:20
Gentleman’s Walk


Ceilidh with Ross Grant & Will Pound
A high energy ceilidh provided by two of the most exciting players on the UK folk scene. Ross Grant is an English fiddle player of high renowned. Best know for his playing in the folk quartet ‘Inlay’. He has performed at most major folk festivals in the UK and across Europe. Will Pound is one of the world’s leading harmonica players and a virtuosic melodeon player. Currently making waves with his ‘Through The Seasons’ project which he has just finished touring across the UK, with Ross, Benji Kirkpatrick and storyteller Debs Newbold. The Ceilidh dances will be walked through expertly by experienced ceilidh caller Clare Watters. “Contemplative folk that looks backwards to move forwards” **** SONGLINES (on Inlay’s Forge) ‘Explore the playing of Will Pound, a wonderful harmonica player’ Dame Evelyn Glennie


17:10, 18:20, 19:30
St Gregory’s Green


Ben C Winn and the Panache
Ben C Winn is a poet, songwriter, comedian and musician. Often all at the same time. With his band, The Panache, he performs pub rock, synth funk and tear jerking ballads all in his inimitable style described as "funny, sad, uncanny" and "bonkers".

*Please note, acts are subject to change and are dependent upon weather conditions...

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