Hey Diddle Diddle

From Sunday 18th August 2019 to Sunday 18th August 2019

A hilarious adventure filled with music and puppetry, for ages 3+. When the full moon shines bright there’s magic in the air, and all the animals come out to play.

Stay up late with flying cows, jazzy cats and runaway crockery and as we jump and jive to the music in a brilliant new take on the classic nursery rhyme.

Ever wondered how a cow jumped over the moon? Or why the dish ran away with the spoon? With original songs played live on stage, brilliant puppetry and lots of laughter, this new show is a wild and musical celebration about the importance of imagination.

Wednesday 29 May, 11am (all ages) & 2.30pm

Recommended for ages 3+ Tickets £10/ £35

Family Presented by Half Moon Theatre

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