Jungle Peacocks, and Iguana. By Putli Ganju.

From Monday 4th September 2017 00:00 to Saturday 30th September 2017 00:00

Jungle Peacocks and Iguana. Putli Ganju. (2015). Natural earth pigments on handmade paper.

Admission is free to the SADACC.

In Putli Ganju’s Sohrai painting, two peacocks try to chase a hungry iguana away from their eggs. Sohrai is a form of mural painting from the villages in the plains and hills of the Hazaribagh plateau. As part of an ongoing research collaboration with the Sanskriti Foundation, Hazaribagh, our Collection Curator, Ben Cartwright, visited Putli’s village in April. It was the hot season, over forty degrees centigrade. The ground was a dusty khaki colour. The village was up a winding dirt road through the sal trees and the occasional, late flowering, orange burst of the famous flame of the forest (a palash tree with bright orange flowers).

The mural traditions of the Hazaribagh plateau are passed down, mother to daughter. Alongside the larger motifs, it is common to see an area of wall with a butterfly or parrot, painted in a small hand, where the daughter has been practicing. A married woman is considered imbued with divine spirit, and her art takes on a ritual significance.

Putli is part of the first generation of mural painters in Hazaribagh to create work on paper. The direct links between Sohrai the art form and community landscape traditions (encapsulated in the Sohrai festival), traditions that are now under chronic strain, make this an important area of research for the SADACC Trust.

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