Kissing The Shotgun Goodnight

From Wednesday 27th September 2017 20:00 to 21:30

Clouds of haze and crumbling walls of transcendent noise, KISSING THE SHOTGUN GOODNIGHT is a neo-noir fever dream and 120 decibel suicide note. A juggernaut of music-theatre that eschews conventional narrative in favour of broken words, futurist soundscapes and dark psychedelia. Elliptical, nihilistic sci-fi poetry gives way to a shifting sea of sonic textures and hallucinatory lighting. Three musicians, piano corpses and the violent poetry of a disembodied voice. A gleeful howl from the armpits of hell. A nocturnal meditation crooned into the swollen abyss. Soothing drones and crushing metal, swamps of feedback and pools of reverb, klattering rhythms and throbbing bass.

A return to the womb for those who wish they could crawl back inside mother to hide.

Recommended for those with an aural fixation.
No kids. No dogs. No storyline. 75 mins. Colour. 3D. Age 16+.

Tickets: Pay What You Can.

Find us here

Norwich Arts Centre, St. Benedict's Street, Norwich, NR2 4PG

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