Monday's Child

From Monday 3rd April 2017 11:00 to 11:45

A joyous show about the bond between the young and the old. Monday’s Child is a poetic story of the unique bond between a little girl and an old woman suffering memory loss. Together, in a dream-like garden, they sing and dance and dress up as they joyously explore a treasure trove of memories.

This sensitive, imaginative yet funny story explores how we make and store memories as we grow up and discover the world; how these shape who we are, and how they help us to meet the challenges of growing old. Monday’s Child will wow adults and children alike.

Age: 4+
Running Time: 45 minutes
Tickets: £15/£5 
Bookings: 01603 598646 / online

Find us here

The Garage , 14 Chapel Field North , Norwich , Norfolk , NR2 1NY

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