Monster Truck

From Tuesday 15th October 2019 20:00

£17 adv | £19 door (includes admin fee)

There’s something comforting about a band name that delivers exactly what you expect to hear.
Born in 2009 from the ashes of various Canadian Indie bands, Monster Truck began as a sonic affront to the very industry its members were bred from.
After feeling more like cogs in the music industry machine, they broke free to forge their own path, answering only to themselves.
“It was admittedly a bit selfish from the get-go as we only were looking to please ourselves,” laughs Widerman. Their unabashed approach to making and performing music became infectious. “We just wanted to mix all of our favorite hard rock, punk and classic rock favourites into something raw and basic,” states Widerman, almost as if to suggest that no one had done it to his liking yet. The band was doing something right. A ground swell of regional fans quickly began rushing to any local venue to see the band perform live. Rock n’ Roll is clearly not dead.

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Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedicts Street, Norwich, NR2 4PG

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