Seeing It Differently

From Wednesday 7th August 2019 to Sunday 18th August 2019

All the fun of the fair is coming to Norwich Cathedral this summer to take you on a journey of discovery.

Seeing It Differently will see a 40ft helter skelter installed in the West End of the Nave - it is believed to be the first time in the Cathedral’s history that a fairground ride has been installed inside the building! 

Climb up the helter skelter and you will be treated to unique views of the Cathedral - including a closer looks at the famous medieval roof bosses depicting stories from the Bible - you will quite literally see things differently.

Alongside the helter skelter, Seeing It Differently will also feature a number of other installations for people to experience:

•               Lie Down Look Up, in the east end of the Nave, will give people the chance to engage with the sheer scale of the building by lying down on yoga mats and looking up at the Cathedral’s ceiling and its roof bosses 69ft above.

•               A canvas labyrinth in the North Transept will offer people a space to walk, reflect, pray and consider things differently in their lives.

•               A Bible Box in the South Transept will invite people to literally sit inside the Bible and read it in a new way. Approximately 8ft by 8ft by 12ft, the box will feature all the words of the Bible written on its wall and ceiling.

•               A Blind Trail in the Cloister Garth will challenge people to trust their senses other than sight as they don a blindfold and navigate a special route designed to help them experience the world in a different way.

•               Special tours will give people the chance to find out more about the Nave and the Cathedral’s amazing collection of more than 1,000 medieval roof bosses that depict stories from the Bible and adorn the Nave and the Cloisters.

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