Wooden Arms + special guests

From Thursday 14th December 2017 19:00 to 21:30

Wooden Arms are a contemporary quintet from the UK who draw from Alternative, Classical, and Trip-Hop. Enthused with the rhythmic sensibilities of Portishead, blended with the ethereal melodies of Sigur Ros, Wooden Arms' new album "Trick of the Light" (due for release May 12th 2017) sees the band shift to a more contemporary pallette.

The focus has moved from classically trained pianist Alex Carson to a writing trio between Alex Carson, Jeff Smith (Trumpet & Guitar) and Alex Mackenzie (Drums). This more collaborative style of writing has led to a refined, honed sound which can be heard on their debut single “Burial” taken from their forthcoming album.

‘Burial’ lulls the listener into a somniferous somber lullaby in its first section, a peace which is broken by a pulsating trip-hop heart-beat bassline. Something which continues to ramp up a sense of dread until finally it culminates in a furious, cacophonous clattering of sound. Emulating a satanic Christmas Eve.

This show at OPEN is one of only 2 UK dates for the release of Trick of the Light - and acts as a home-coming show for the Norwich born band.

£8 advance.

Find us here

OPEN, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich, NR2 4SF

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