30 things we LOVE about Pensthorpe Natural Park...

12 September 2019

30 things we LOVE about Pensthorpe Natural Park…

Originally published 2018

Pensthorpe Natural Park is one of the most amazing spaces in Norfolk, just 40 minutes from Norwich. It is a truly modern nature reserve, with over 700 acres of woodland walks, nature trails, lakes and a variety of habitats teaming with wildlife including wetlandswoodlandsfarmland and grassland. In places it is a colourful wilderness alive with flowers; in others its a tranquil clearing in the shadow of majestic trees. And almost everywhere – ducks. Very friendly ducks.

With the aim of inspiring the next generation to take care of nature, the focus of the park is not just on education, but on making the outdoors fun and engaging. This year is their 30th birthday, and the park is celebrating by offering all visitors 30% off admission,  and extra activities on the day! We’re celebrating with them, so here are 30 reasons we love Pensthorpe!

1. The welcome party

We mean this feathered fanfare who just walked out the restaurant to say hello!

2. That you can delight in gardens within gardens

Check some of them out here 

3. The gentle sound of the streams

An amazing antidote to busy roads and chatter of the city centre

4. The exciting array of different beaks to see

Such as these fellas here

Pensthorpe ducks

Photo: Familes at Pensthorpe Natural Park. By Steve Adams

5. Bowers, archways and bridges

Get completely surrounded by nature!

6. Sculpture around every corner

Spot a massive stag, birds in trees, and a deceptively realistic foxglove…

Pensthorpe stag

Photo: Some of the scupltures dotted around Pensthorpe Natural Park. By Steve Adams


No filter necessary.


Photo: Pensthorpe

8. It’s wheelchair and pushchair accessible

There are designated paths marked on their park map

9. The photo opportunities

Wildlife spotting and Instabait alike…


Photo: Pensthorpe

Plenty of photo opportunities both in the water and on land!

10. You can use all your senses

There is so much to touch, hear, smell and see…

11. And you never tasted anything like their hot bacon, cheese and apple ciabatta!

12. The hairstyles

We mean the ducks’.

14. It’s PERFECT for a picnic

There’s loads of benches and grassy places, if you’ve brought your own sandwiches!

15. Getting up close and personal with nature

You can find special dispensers just for duck food, which is only 20p a a bag!

16. The Wave Garden

Designed by Julie Toll, the Wave Garden has gained international recognition by winning 7 gold and 2 silver medals at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

15. Whatever season you visit

In fact you should visit in every season, it’s stunning!

16. Interactive trails for children

Collect the stamps as you explore the park!

17. They’ve got flamingos!

Pensthorpe Flamingos

Photo: Pensthorpe Flamingos

18. You can get married there and pretend you’re in Italy

Or have a conference there and pretend you’re in Italy…

19. You can learn to be a photography ace

They run regular courses, and we could think of nowhere more idyllic to learn wildlife photography!

20. The friendly ducks

Lovely ducks!

21. It’s the home of the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust

The trust works on ‘actively saving species’, such as red squirrels, corncrakes, turtledoves and cranes.

22. The 7,000 square-metre adventure play area, WildRootz

Featuring 11m high slide. Gasp.

23. Hootz House

An area designed with children in mind, that combines play with leaning about wildlife

Pensthorpe Natural Park

Photo: Familes at Pensthorpe Natural Park. By Steve Adams

24. They do special packages for groups and schools

25. And you can have your birthday party there…

26. The gift shop

Decorative rooster shaped salt and pepper shakers DO exist, and we love them.

27. Springwatch was filmed there!

Read all about it here!

28. It provides a safe and protected home for all sorts of wonderful animals!

Find out more about the work of the Pensthorpe Trust.

29. You can explore the park in a Land Rover Trailer!

All aboard the Pensthorpe Explorer…

30. And I can’t tell you what noise this bird makes, but you need to visit to find out for yourself…It’s brilliant.

Ross snow ducks!