Norwich Lanes

Norwich Lanes

Welcome to our city’s independent heart, winner of the Great British High Street.

 The Guildhall, England’s largest medieval city hall, stands at the gateway of the Norwich Lanes. This place is renowned for making friends of strangers: Strangers’ Hall has been home to mavericks and makers from around the world since the 14th century. Maddermarket Theatre has staged performances since 1921. And our award-winning family-run department store, Jarrold, has served our people since 1823.

The Norwich Lanes are imbued with a charm that has been cultivated through an abundance of community spirit and a willingness to embrace the artistic culture. Whether you are looking for fashion exclusive to Norwich, or a cocktail that will change your life you can find it in the Lanes.

The Lanes are quintessentially Norwich. Jarrold’s Department Store is not only a Norwich institution, but also a showcase of the incredible history and architecture with the Norwich Lanes. Throughout the Norwich Lanes you’ll find shops that have stood for hundreds of years, antiques almost as old as the church they are housed in and even a cinema residing in a 14th century medieval merchant house. There are many surprises to discover: churches beautifully converted into music venues, playhouses hidden in ancient courtyards and listed buildings stocking your new favourite IPA.

The Norwich Lanes aren’t all about what’s old. The artisan coffee shops, the cutting-edge clothing, the experimental restaurants. These are the lifeblood of Norwich. The spirit of embracing the artistic and the risk takers. Giving talent a space to thrive and helping independent businesses become the next big thing. All of this keeps things fresh and exciting, making the Norwich Lanes essential viewing whether you’re in Norwich for the first time or if you’re a lifelong resident.

Norwich Lanes

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