Strangers’ Hall

Norwich Lanes

Strangers’ Hall is a stunning merchant’s house in the centre of Norwich. It’s a beautifully preserved building dating back to 1320, making it the third-oldest building still standing in the city today.

Here, you can wander through a maze of passages to discover a series of inter-linked rooms with period settings, from the Tudor Great Hall, the fine Georgian dining room, the magnificent stone-vaulted undercroft, Lady Paine’s 17th-century bedroom, the panelled Walnut room, and so much more. In warmer weather, stroll through the lavender-filled Knot garden, it’s truly beautiful.

Immerse yourself even more in these period set rooms with interpretation panels, using images of archive photos and documents from the early days of the museum with stories matched to each room.

These will tell the story of the founding of Strangers’ by Leonard Bolingbroke and his gift to the city of the museum. In the parlour, see a refurbished display case juxtaposing collections from 1922 with those especially chosen by local young people to reflect home life today.  

Elsewhere in the museum, find a display of stunning acquisitions to the museum’s collection for the first time, including Mr & Mrs Taylor’s Dolls House, a Victorian Bazaar Doll and peg dolls in National costume, made by local English Plus group members.

Strangers’ Hall frequently host exciting events too, from potion-making, to performances for the family. Find out more about events, admission costs, and more on the Strangers’ Hall website.