Studying in Norwich

Studying In Norwich

Norwich is a city students choose to go, love to be and want to stay in. For around 1 in 4, it becomes home long after studies finish.

There’s plenty of reasons why student life in Norwich is sure to appeal. Our city’s warmth and inclusivity extends far beyond expectations – there’s more to Norwich than meets the eye. Its beating heart is its annual festivals, hidden-away coffee houses and independent bars, street performers on summer evenings and beautiful architecture all year round. If you’re coming here to study, expect the place to charm you.

Norwich is a city of independence. A city of stories. It’s a place where streets morph into green open spaces. A riverside walk will lead you to the football match, and a ring-road roundabout is the entrance to a 26-mile cycle route into beautiful countryside.

Norwich Market is the place to go to update your wardrobe, grab a second-hand book or pick up a delicious lunch. Spend summer evenings with friends in outdoor terraces by the River Wensum – Norwich Playhouse or The Ribs of Beef – and cosy up in one of the city’s many pubs during the winter. Weeknights are for retro bowling, cocktails and art-house cinema. Good times, making memories.

On the edge of the city, follow a long, winding road leading to a hidden gem – Whitlingham Country Park: the perfect spot for some adventure. And from Norwich train station reach the coast – Great Yarmouth is the Blackpool of the East; or Cromer: a Victorian seaside town complete with pier, long sandy beach and fresh fish and chips.