Getting around by Taxi

Get from A to B quickly. Take the Taxi.

Norwich is an easy city to get around by taxi if you need to be somewhere in a hurry or can’t walk in your heels – we have quite a few cobbles after all. It’s also a relatively small city so your taxi journey need not be a long one.

Make a plan

Many taxi companies have apps you can download where you can get quotes and plan your journey ahead of time. You can also use them to book and pay for your journey.

Go green, get a taxi

Some Norwich taxis are hybrids and electric cars. This is just another part of the Norwich charm, with the city trying to reduce its environmental footprint.

This is thoroughly exemplified in Green Frog taxis who give details on the greenhouse gasses your trip will emit and why we must move towards electric cars.

Best in rank

Norwich has an array of taxi companies, all of which offer competitive prices and an excellent service. With ABC Taxis, Bestway Taxis, Courtesy Taxis and Five Star Taxis all offering fantastic services, you’ll have no trouble seeing everything Norwich has to offer.

For instant trips take a taxi from one of the many ranks including Norwich train station, Guildhall Hill, and Tombland beside Norwich Cathedral.

If you are arriving by coach or bus into Norwich bus station and need a cab there is a rank about 5 minutes walk around the corner on St Stephens Street.

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