Business District

Business District

Next to the centre of Norwich lies the financial and commercial heart of Norwich. This is where modern businesses stand side by side with historic sites.

 The ancient city walls stand opposite cafes and restaurants. Medieval streets are lined with high street institutions. From the bus station to the student accommodation, the sounds of every walk of life resonate through the Norwich business district.

Norwich’s Business district is one of the central points of the city and is where to go to see both historic sights and titans of industry. For example, the ornate Marble Hall in Surrey House is occupied by Aviva, one of Norwich’s largest businesses. Built between 1900 and 1912 Surrey House is an example of Edwardian architecture, built by Norfolk born George Skipper and commissioned by Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, the Palladian style building is a beautiful example of history and commerce coming together.

The remnants of the city walls show where the city gate used to stand and mark where Queen Elizabeth I arrived in 1578. The wall, which was started circa 1294, marks the old city limits and tells tales of war, trade, crime and punishment. It is essential viewing for anyone coming through the Business district.

The district is a fantastic spot for shopping, with businesses lining St Stephens street allowing you to cater for all your needs, whether they be clothes, electronics or if you simply want to stop for a hot drink.

Getting into Norwich via the Business district is easy, with the bus station in the centre of the district. Whether you are coming from a surrounding village or from London you will come into the bus station, which is in a prime location to get straight into the assortment of shops and historic sights.

Business District

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