Bowhill & Elliott

Norwich Lanes

Bowhill & Elliott are a 5th generation family owned business occupying the Town House of 65 London Street – Norwich – NR2 1HW, the same address Obadiah Bowhill began this magical story in 1874.

Shoemaker Or Shoe Emporium?

When Odabiah Bowhill purchased the business in 1874 from Wright & Base he continued to make bespoke footwear just as the previous owner’s had for many years before him.In the 1960’s Bowhill & Elliott purchased a small Norfolk slipper factory called Osoeasie Slipper Co.  In 1986 current owner Roger Jury integrated the factory to our Norwich location, bringing together the manufacturing and retail side of the business all under one roof, just as it was in 1874.

Today our skilled artisans continue to maintain many of the original shoemaking practices dating back to the14th century such as clicking, turning and lasting all by hand to create our signature velvet Albert slippers and house shoes. In addition to the workshop we house two floors of retail space, proudly stocking iconic shoemaker Crockett & Jones since the 1940’s.  We specialise in premium men’s and women’s footwear and accessories working with luxury brands including Heschung, Joseph Cheaney & Sons, Loake, Brunate and Saphir.