make. A Norwich film.

12 September 2019

make. A Norwich film.

Originally published 2018

make. introduces us to some of the most talented creatives in Norwich, and gently takes us into their studios and workspaces. The first in a series, watch jewellery designer-maker Lennie Beare  create something beautiful in this film (watch it with sound).

Words by make.:

“We’ve always been around so many creative and talented people in Norwich. Being around their processes and spaces – it’s something we maybe take for granted sometimes. Chatting about this with each other and how people create their work actually really excites us, we figured other people might share that same excitement.

‘Make.’ Is a series about local makers, their processes and their thoughts. Some are messy and their thoughts are un-ordered, others are tidy and collected. In the videos we spend a little time with each maker, seeing how they do what they do and hearing and seeing the textures they create. 

We thought it was important to focus on the sounds of the processes; make you feel as if you are there. Putting life into the camera work too, keeping it handheld and moving around the people as they work, helped us feel like we were maybe a part of the process. I don’t know, maybe we’re being pretentious, but we enjoy them none the less.”

Want to be involved? Speak to the filmmakers: [email protected]