The Cocktail List

12 September 2019

The Cocktail List

Originally published 2018

The 13th of May is World Cocktail Day (excellent). So – where will you be going? Read our list (in no particular order) of 7 of Norwich’s finest places to honour this very special day…

(Title image: Bowling House)

Bowling House

Cocktails AND bowling. Yes sir. You heard that right.

The Bowling House is a contemporary bar purpose built around 5 bowling lanes, with nods to the Big Lebowski all around (film fans). You can bowl, drink cocktails and snack off their exciting menu. Try their White Russian – which is sweet, smooth and classic as it should be – or you could make a party of it and share a Shooting Star: an enormous passion fruit cocktail for sharing, which comes with an entire bottle of Prosecco…

Feeling brave? Why not book your own private Karaoke booth or even the whole Karaoke bar.

Bowling House

Photo: Bowling House

The Ten Bells

The Ten Bells is a pub that’s been open since the 1700’s, and is situated on leafy St Benedict’s Street in the Norwich Lanes. Not only does it do great – and unusual – cocktails in it’s cool and relaxed bar, but it’s also the only pub in Norwich with its own gin distillery (hello). Home of the award-winning Bullards Norwich Gin, this is one absolutely not to miss if you’re a gin fan (and you can book a gin tasting too!)

The Ivy Norwich Brasserie

Cocktails at the Ivy? Yes, please. It’s rather sophisticated and glamorous and definitely a place to wear something a bit more grown up than ‘jeans and a nice top’. Think Parisian chic and you’re there. Their decadent bar has a vast array of shiny bottles and garnish choices and they’re great at creating limited edition cocktails to honour local traditions and events. Name check the Colonel Mustard during Noirwich 2019, we’re still talking about it. It also means you just have to keep popping in. Just have to – really.


Because it’s not all about the alcoholic cocktails. Kofra  – an independent coffee company based in Norwich is doing amazing things with the drink you think you know – do a cold coffee like you’ve never known it before. After trying coffee and tonic in New York, Kofra owner and founder Jose De Leon Guzman brought the idea back to Norwich and has perfected the drink to his own precise recipe.  Aromatic and refreshing with a hint of orange, next time you’re in need of a pep up give this a go.

(Although that said, Kofra have just launched their awesome Coldbrew Negroni AA, if you did fancy something a bit stronger…)

The Cosy Club

The clue is in the name – it’s cosy and welcoming. And it’s in one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the city. By far. Search Instagram for their domed ceiling. Here you can join friends for some of your best and most favourite classic cocktails before dinner. Or you can forgo dinner and sip and Espresso Martini – slowly.

Chamber’s Cocktail Bar

Following in the footsteps of the Craft Cocktail movement sweeping across Europe, the Chambers Cocktail Company was established by Matthew Saunders, who has spent 9 years in the business creating bespoke cocktails, training bartenders and opening and running bars. Now, Matthew and his team have come to Norwich to establish this high-end, welcoming bar. If you’re looking for cocktails to impress – whether it’s mid-week after work or if you’re celebrating something special – try this. Located close to Norwich’s historic Tombland.

Chambers Cocktail Co

Photo: Chambers Cocktail Company


At the other end of St Benedicts is Hawthorn. This bar has recently expanded downstairs from it’s popular (and always busy!) bar on the upper floor of the corner of the street adjoining St Gregory’s Alley. It’s ambient and laid back, serving in-house creations at your table upstairs, and draft beer, wines by the glass and classic cocktails at the bar downstairs. OFM ‘Best Places to Drink’ runner up 2017.

Looking to stay the night?

Check out VisitNorwich’s accommodation page for ideas on where to stay. Plus, if your sticking around in the morning, Cote Brasserie  do cocktails for breakfast…