Woodforde's new brew (and it's not what you expect)

11 September 2019

Woodforde’s new brew (and it’s not what you expect)

Originally published 2018

Ah Woodforde’s. Our steadfast Norfolk drinking companion.

They’re a regular in the kind of pubs that you can spend hours in – the kind where nobody would bat an eyelid if you took a pack of cards. They welcome you in city bars after a hard day at work. They can be found throughout the Broads, for a pint of much needed fortification for sailors, hikers, and first time canoe-hirers. They were at the beer festival in October having a whale of a time, and recently they’ve been spotted with their very own stand at Norwich’s beloved Carrow Road Football Stadium.

And now: change is brewing.

Woodforde’s are proud to introduce ‘Conquest’: the first lager to ever be brewed under their own name.

Signalling the beginning of further innovation in response to emerging market trends and drinkers’ changing tastes, this 4.5% ABV beer is described by the Norfolk brewer as ‘refreshing and thirst-quenching’.

Woodforde’s head brewer Neil Bain said: “Conquest is a clean, crisp premium lager, with a glorious citrus finish and a full palate, which we’re confident will make people want to come back for more.

“It’s bold and bursting with modern hop varieties, making it our own take on a pub favourite, but with a contemporary twist – light, refreshing and thirst-quenching.”

“the time was right to explore new territory”

James Armitage, Woodforde’s commercial and marketing director said that “until now, people probably know us best for traditional-style beers and ales, but we’re now in a dynamic, fast-changing beer market, in which drinkers are continually seeking out new brews, and felt the time was right to explore new territory with our own innovative new lager.”

As part of an initial launch period, Conquest will be available on draught in specially selected pubs across East Anglia, with publicans able to order it in 30-litre kegs. Wahey! Plus, Woodforde’s have launched a handy new map so you can find your nearest pint – see it here. 

And it’s not just the lager that is ringing in the changes. After rebranding last year, and plans for cans in 2019, Woodforde’s is also turning its attention to the already pretty wonderful Fur and Feather Inn, located beside the the brewery in Woodbastwick. Watch this space for more information on some changes they’re making to the inside of the inn…

But in the meantime, we’re off to the pub.

And we’re taking the pack of cards.