80s / 90s Retro Weekender


We’re bringing the Ultimate 80s and 90s Retro Party night to Norwich once again, but this time we’ve got double the DJs! We’ve secured our good friends Jules Little and Gary Bamford who can normally be found behind the CDJs at The Butlins Big Weekenders in Skegness, Bognor and Minehead…

Friday Night will see VJ Gary Bamford playing a mix of 80s and 90s, 00s and possibly even some 70s thrown in for good measure. All mixed up, mashed up and played out across multiple screens as well as the kick ass sound system.

Saturday Night, and DJ Jules Little will be in the house performing 80s and 90s musical miracles with his amazing energy and musical knowledge, not to mention his ability to beat blend songs together in nanoseconds!

Are you party animal enough to do both? Discounted rate available for those purchasing a weekender 2 night ticket

We provide a fantastic retro-themed venue, amazing party atmosphere and we guarantee you and your friends will have a night to remember. “Simply the Best” night out!