A Pinocchio Adventure


At The Garage

Join Pinocchio as he sets off on a thrilling new musical adventure, torn between his longing to be a puppet again and the challenges of being a normal boy.

When he encounters the sly Fox, who tempts him with the promise of riches and fame, Pinocchio’s loyalty to his true self is put to the test. With his friend Cricket, Pinocchio navigates a series of exciting escapades and learns the importance of accepting oneself.

Experience this timeless tale in a captivating stage adaptation that continues the story after the events of the famous film.

This heartwarming tale, aimed at children aged 5 and over and their families, is brought to life with captivating performances, dazzling sets, and a powerful message about self-acceptance and embracing who you truly are.

Book your tickets now and join Pinocchio this Christmas on his unforgettable journey of self-discovery.