Alabama 3


For nearly 25 years, the Alabama 3 have been serving up a riotous car-crash of musical styles: Country, Acid House, Gospel, Electro, Blues and Dub – all grist to their voodoo potion, together with a large injection of satire.

As the self proclaimed UK branch of the First Presleyterian Church of Elvis the Divine, their gigs have been likened to a Pentecostal meeting held in a Manchester warehouse rave. Fronted by Robert Spragg A.K.A Larry Love, a rhinestone encrusted midnight cowboy from Merthyr Tydfil, and until his recent demise, Jake Black A.K.A the reverend D.Wayne Love. D.Wayne, the leader of their self-styled cult personified a lubricious and incorrigible snake-oil preacher.

A strange collection of characters inhabit the core of Alabama 3’s sprawling revue. A glance at the genealogy of band members reveals, collectively, the son of a Stalinist trade union leader, a Mormon preacher, an art historian, a policeman, and a great train robber. The dramatic personae of the band, each in their own way are funny, reprehensible, charming, articulate and ludicrous.