There’s a big party happening at BeWILDerwood Norfolk this summer and you’re all invited! The curious characters the ‘Grubbles’ are making their yearly trip to BeWILDerwood but something seems off with the resident Crocklebog Mildred… Head to the storytelling stage to find out what’s going on!


11am / 1pm / 3pm
BeWILDermuddle: Join the Wondrous teller of Tales at the Storytelling Stage for the marvellously muddling tale, BeWILDermuddle!

12pm / 2pm
A Boggle at BeWILDerwood – Catch the classic story of the main characters Swampy and his journey

Face Painting

11am – 4pm
Visit the Face Paint Pavilion and adorn your face with Crocklebog Scales!

Craft: Crocklebog Crown

11am – 4pm
Use your skills to make your very own Crocklebog Crown!

Puzzling Park Trail

A Berry Grizzly Trail: When Mildred, the Crocklebog spills Grizzleberry juice in the woods, a few things change colour! Use the clues to help you find five things that have turned a rather grizzly shade of pink! Show the Twiggle Team as you leave and you will win a super prize!