Closer: An Exhibition by Jeremy Cunningham

Creative Quarter Over the Water

Anteros Arts Foundation, in the heart of Norwich, is excited to announce that they will be
hosting an exhibition by Jeremy Cunningham in the new year.
Jeremy is a member of a folk rock band called The Levellers and also a painter. Well
known for his Levellers’ tour poster design, Jeremy is also a prolific painter. His work is
an expression of his exploration of people and their belief systems in a uniquely bold,
colourful and expressive way.

“I always find it difficult writing statements about my art because it’s a totally unintellectual,
visceral experience. I’m basically a diarist in paint.
My interests are people and belief systems. That leads me to God and His intercessors
on earth, the saints. They feature in my art a lot, smashed together with whatever modern
turmoil is going through my mind at the time. I don’t try to make any sense of it. I only
want to honour the subject.

I see myself in the same continuum as Mesolithic cave painters and today’s graffiti.
It’s all about searching for that existential truth; getting closer …”- Jeremy Cunningham
This is Jeremy’s first exhibition in over 20 years and will be a unique opportunity to see
the work Jeremy has created in the last two decades.
Save the date for what promises to be an exciting, unique and special show! ‘Closer’ will
run from Tuesday 17th January – Saturday 18th February 2023, and is free to enter.