Norwich Lanes

It’s a universally accepted truth that music brings people together. That was certainly the case with Manchester-formed band Corella, who are now intent on creating unity through their own inspiring, anthemic songs.

Comprising frontman Joel, bassist/vocalist Ben, guitarist Jack and drummer James, the pop- rock group formed while its members – all hailing from northern towns – were in their first year of university studying music.

On the cusp of releasing their debut album, Corella have already established a devoted following thanks to their formidable live shows and singles including “Don’t Stop Me”, which recently received airplay on BBC Radio 1. The track is a blast of pure defiance, pushing back against social apathy and yearning for something greater.

Listeners will immediately notice the newfound cohesiveness in Corella’s debut album, Once Upon a Weekend. It was inspired by the duality of life – responsibility vs dream-chasing – and written while the band were all working full-time jobs at the same time as pursuing success in the music industry, playing 1,000-capacity venues on Friday and Saturday nights.

“It’s about living for the weekend, where we’d get away from ‘work’ and get to play live to thousands of people,” Joel says. Just like in their album artwork, which shows the band clinging to a roundabout as it spins them around, they have no intention of letting go of such a whirlwind ride.

The album itself delves into the band’s experiences growing up in northern towns, along with classic tales of love, lust and misadventure.