Norwich Lanes

This melodramatic re-telling of Bram Stoker’s, well known, gothic tale aims to thrill, excite and entertain in equal measure.

Dr Seward is the Director of a sanitorium. Her niece Lucy has, however, fallen strangely ill. She is weak, pale and suffers from strange nightmares.

Though she seems to have moments of recovery, her condition is grave. Her aunt and her fiancée are desperately worried for her, especially as her close friend, Mina, who displayed the same symptoms has recently died.

In desperation Dr Seward sends to Holland for Abraham Van Helsing, a specialist in mysterious diseases. Van Helsing believes that she has become the victim of a vampire which is attacking her by night and which must be destroyed to save her…
Count Dracula, a mysterious but very charming neighbour, who has recently moved to England, is enthusiastic to help Lucy… But can he be trusted?

General admission £16