Norwich Lanes

fEAST theatre presents Elephant by Jeremy Page

In a house balanced on an eroding cliff in North Norfolk, local recluse Manny gets a surprise visit from his estranged sister, Jessie, whom he’s not seen for a year. She’s wildly unpredictable, searching for a long lost family secret, and has inexplicably brought along with her a petty criminal, Lee Farrier, trussed up in a sack. As a rising tide eats away at the foundations, it’s the sudden appearance of a local girl, Cally, arriving with a damaged reputation and an uncanny ability to read minds, that prompts all four to try and salvage something from the day before it’s too late. But as time runs out, a hastily reckless plan begins to fall apart, exposing the bitter truths that have brought them together, the lies they’ve told each other, and against all expectation, the strangely redemptive power that might just be buried beneath their feet.