Empowering Art: Indigenous Creativity and Activism from North America’s Northwest Coast


Empowering Art is a ground-breaking exhibition of rich but rarely seen artworks, bringing together exceptional contemporary and historical pieces from across the Northwest Coast of North America.

Developed in close consultation with Indigenous artists and community leaders from across the Northwest Coast, Empowering Art showcases the talent of their artistic and cultural creations on a scale unseen in the UK since the 1970’s.

Bringing a contested past into the realities of the present, the exhibition tells the story of a coastline with distinctive artistic and cultural traditions, where creative exchange is visible in historical objects but also resonates through contemporary art. The exhibition includes works from renowned Indigenous artists breaking the lens of history, such as Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, Marianne Nicolson and Susan Point, as well as a new generation of artists reclaiming the power of the present, including Morgan Asoyuf, Phil Gray and Danielle Morsette.