Glass Human A Glyndebourne production

Castle and Marketplace

A new chamber opera from Glyndebourne.

A newly commissioned chamber opera composed by Samantha Fernando with words by Melanie Wilson, explores the experience of loneliness.

Three isolated voices find their way towards each other, charting a journey from emotional and social fragmentation to connection and meaning. Rooted in three contemporary experiences of loneliness – a young woman finding her identity, a refugee searching for stability and an older man living with grief and cognitive decline – the work explores the forces that separate us from each other and the threads we follow to join back together again.

Starring three soloists and members of the Tour Orchestra, this new chamber opera will be performed in the intimate setting of Stage Two. Performances are timed so that you can see glass human ahead of the mainstage opera.

Location: Stage Two, Norwich Theatre Royal, Theatre Street (Access through to Chantry Street)