Green Shoots presents James Campbell: Don’t Panic! We Can Save the Planet!

Norwich Lanes

A new live comedy show from James Campbell for children age 6-11 that’s perfect for anyone who wants to swap being an Eco Worrier for being an Eco Warrior.

Based around his latest book Don’t Panic! We CAN Save The Planet is a unique eco comedy stand up show in which children’s comedian and author James Campbell inspires children to do something about the climate crisis, pollution and ducks with swords.

Talk about the climate crisis is everywhere and it is affecting children of all ages. It’s hard for parents find ways to take action and offer solutions to help manage their children’s concerns.

Using his Don’t Panic book… James Campbell will offer children and their parents actions that children can take home and to their local community to help mitigate the effects of climate change. James will ask every audience to choose which of the subjects from his book that they would like to focus on. Each show will be unique to every audience.

James Campbell is worried about the planet – aren’t we all? Well, he’s decided to do something about it. This show is all about his REAL-LIFE experience living off the land in an off-grid caravan and finding inventive (and sometimes downright bizarre) ways to reduce his environmental impact. And in it, he’s going to share his tips and tricks on how to STOP panicking and START saving the planet!

James’s ambition is for his audience to be inspired and come away from the show confident that they can do something on their own terms to help in the fight against climate change.

This is not a po-faced lecture, this is a James Campbell comedy show and will feature his trademark silly, child friendly comedy. It’s a positive, funny, life affirming show.