Keston Cobblers Club

Norwich Lanes

This spring Keston Cobblers Club return with their brand new album, ‘Alchemy’ – the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2019 album, ‘Siren’ – after a two year break.

Alchemy is the new album from Indie-folk band Keston Cobblers Club. Returning to their roots, the theme of the album is based on an old folklore from their home town. The Anthem of the Alchemist tells the story of an Alchemist who dedicates his life to turning basic metals into gold, only to discover when older that the treasures he sought were always within him. He finds an old message in a bottle buried beneath Keston Ponds and Caesar’sWell that he forgot he had written as a child. It reads “You will find it right beside you. Forget the gold it’ll only blind you”.

Using this fable, the Cobblers set out to create an anthology of songs that would help guide the Alchemist and any other lost listener to discover their inner wealth. Just like the practice of alchemy, siblings Matthew and Julia fuse different styles and genres to create their own distinctive sound.

Each track is a different remedy to an obstacle, continuing to emanate the hook-laden melodies and rousing arrangements that have already won them an army of loyal fans. With intricate instrumentation and honest, accessible lyrics, the Cobblers ensure an immediate familiarity with audiences far and wide.