Leaf Dog & BVA w / DJ Jazz T

Norwich Lanes

+ Sleep’s Cousin & Lieu + Chrome (DJ)

One third of underground heroes The Three Amigos, 1/4 of The Four Owls and beat maker to the stars, Leaf Dog boasts a bulging back catalogue of crew releases, live plaudits, guest features and production credits.

In a world where reinventing and re-evaluating everything has become standard practice, Leaf Dog is an example of an artist who remains dedicated to the principles that make underground hip hop one of the most exciting forms of musical expression on the planet. Leaf is a true devotee to the inventive punchlines, catchy hooks and classic boom bap beat patterns. From stage to street corner, from digging in the crates to beat battles, Leafdog’s output is driven by the traditions that made underground hip hop what it is today.

Either as a solo artist or as part of The Three Amigos, alongside fellow emcee BVA and producer Naive, Leaf Dog has gained a strong following across the land for coming with a truly unique style when delivering some of the realest lyrics around.