MOTHERLOAD! by Urban Foxes Collective

Norwich Lanes

MOTHERLOAD! is a bold and bonkers clowning show for the end of days.

Meet Mother Nature, the sexiest woman alive turned dumpster fire.

She’s doing a TED talk. It’s a last chance bid to save her apathetic children. Why? She loves them.

As the tech starts to glitch, and her body gyrates with the FEVER of a morally confused echo chamber, she regurgitates our cultural trash into a lipsync of epic proportions.

It is a surreal comedy that blasts through climate apathy. A coming of age story from the mother of all mothers.

MOTHERLOAD! asks the question on every parents‘s mind… should we?

MOTHERLOAD! has won the Brighton Fringe Award and Pulse Suitcase Prize. It is commissioned by Cambridge Junction with support from the Stobbs Troop New Ideas Fund. lt is also supported by Arts Council England and Camden Peoples Theatre.