Murder Mystery Dinner at Maids Head Hotel

Cathedral Quarter

Join us for this fun Murder Mystery Dinner with the popular Foul Players. Gather your friends and family together for an entertaining evening coupled with a delicious 3 course dinner.

All That Glisters

After the ‘apparent deaths’ of Sherlock Holmes and his arch enemy James Moriarty, Dr John Watson has returned to England to find a letter from his old friend containing a cryptic note and a wedding ring.

The note contains a location, a time and a quote from Shakespeare.

Dr Watson is here today at the place and time, and has found himself in the middle of a wake for the victim of an unsolved murder …

Just £45 per person and if you do not wish to drive home, then extend the evening and book an overnight stay. A Classic double room is just £165.00 per couple, bed and full English breakfast, or upgrade your room from as little as £20.

To make a booking call 01603 272008, or email [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.