Norm’s presents Grandbaby

Norwich Lanes

Norm’s is back at NAC with another fun and varied line up of musical acts, this time performing their sets in not just the main auditorium, but also the bar (both upstairs and downstairs) and the entrance foyer! Arrive early, so as not to miss any of the fun times!

Norfolk souper-group GRANDBABY return to life (and NAC) after a little break while cult leader, I mean band leader Jason relocated himself and his analogue recording studio ‘The Crunch’ to sunny Great Yarmouth. The band are now back in training, formulating a set that will get at least 98% of the audience dancing within 30 seconds, and keep them moving until the band leave the stage, or their dancing feet fall off. Maybe both!

“GRANDBABY’S set takes the audience through a rich range of sounds and noises. Despite its experimentation it never veers into the alien – the sounds are recognizable – blues, world rhythms and new wave all come through at various points. In the second half of the set, Jason takes the band through what can only really be described as exercises. Like a school session, he announces a song which only features drums, before following it on with a track of 4 bass guitars. The creativity shown off is warming and leaves you feeling slightly confused. The psych-rock rhythms merged with musical exercise approaches. It’s not what you’d expect and that’s what makes it so enjoyable to watch.” Callum Gray – Outline

“Heavy on percussion and synths, the music is a bevy of funky delights. “Wrong Cracker”, more on the psychedelic, afrobeat tip has got a deep bass line that can move dance floors, plus the over all feel of the track is no doubt African influenced from the very first note to the last. It builds and builds until the frenzy goes off. RIYL heavy drums from start to finish (oh yeah, and a bit of cowbell too). “Disterminate”, more drums, more synth, and more bass in your face, this one has a different feel from the rest. A bit eighties, but heavier than the others, it’s got a style of its own and that’s OK. “Reverse Night”, sounds a bit post punk to us, winding out with that bass line again, guitars that come from every direction, and a back beat that keeps your head nodding. Don’t count this one out!” – Flea Market Funk

“Jason Baldock’s “Grandbaby” project isn’t as cuddly as it’s cheeky name would suggest. In fact, it’s a take no prisoners, uncompromising approach to mostly-instrumental songcraft. Grandbaby’s debut 7″ bursts with feverish energy, formidable synth lines, crunchy/catchy guitars and an unearthly brilliance for drum break expertise most session musicians would kill for.” – Wax Thematique

This is what WE have to say about D.H TEMPLE – All your favourite 80s goth music stars, rolled into one handy package. Epic atmospheric sounds, with soaring vocals that swoop from falsetto down to gutteral. Backed by a supergroup of local talent.
This is what D.H TEMPLE has to say about D.H TEMPLE – DH Temple is the solo project of used car salesman turned “kind of big deal around here”, Dom Temple. In his own words: “music is a side hustle for my main goal of getting my own reality tv show eventual talking heads documentary”

Playing in the bar will be WAZLO; the crazed & extremely entertaining solo act from the scattershot mind of Mama Oh No’s Eli Bidmead. It’s very eclectic (I hate that word, but it’s true!) stuff, ranging from sub-bassy breakneck dance music, to budget Beach Boys ditties, passing 90s video game soundtracks & faux macho rap on the way.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it would be like to see Zorro performing the catchiest songs from 1980s Sesame Street episodes, though a distortion pedal, then TIGER NIGHT is the man for you. An enigmatic core, wrapped in a cape of je ne sais quoi, with ‘Class Act’ printed through his very being, like a big huge stick of Great Yarmouth rock. In fact, Great Yarmouth Rock should be the name of his inevitably salacious tell-all autobiography. A one man-mountain band, with drums, guitar and vocals, playing hit after hit after hit. And these hits are ALL ORIGINAL hits. Hits, from the mind of a man that men want to be; and women want to be with. That’s what it says here on this piece of paper anyway.. Tiger Night will be performing in the NAC foyer, to keep you thrilled on your way into the venue.

REPO 136
REPO 136 will be cutting and scratching his way to success, up on the mezzanine above the NAC bar. He’ll be spinning the grooves to make you do your best moves, before, between, and after the acts. Expect old school hip hop, electro, funk, soul, library, and whatever else branches off from there.