Picnic amongst the vines at Chet Valley Vineyard


Why not treat yourself and take time out from the everyday stresses of life with an immersive experience of a picnic on a Norfolk vineyard.

Our Estate is an idyllic spot for a picnic and we’re only too happy to oblige. We’ll pack up a rustic picnic basket with local produce including cheese, charcuterie, freshly baked bread, and other delicious nibbles, topped off with a perfectly chilled bottle of Chet Valley Wine. Then you just need to choose your spot – a cosy table in the winery or on our balcony overlooking the vines. If you’d rather go free range, you can bring a picnic rug and head out into the vineyard for lunch. Baskets are prepared for two people.

£85 for two people includes a bottle of wine if your choice. Why not also book a morning vineyard tour and wine tasting before your picnic so that you can choose which chilled wine to have with your picnic. (Picnics held Wednesday and Saturdays)

(Please note that there may be some variation from the image shown on our website and changes in the contents of the picnic due to seasonal alterations in availability of items)