PONY UP presents Bag of Cans

Norwich Lanes

Bag of Cans Album Launch + Aphra + Astral Gray

“Hi mate, going to NAC tonight, want to come?”

“Er. Excuse me? No, I don’t want to come to Newham’s Alien Comprehensive. Why would you invite me to that?”


“Or Nevada’s Awesome Craftshop.”

“This is why we don’t include you in things anymore.”

“And I certainly won’t be in attendance at the New Age Colosseum!”

“Just leave it, yeah? I’m off to the Arts Centre.”

Ever happened to you? Yes, we know representing longer words with single letters and bunching them up into one word is confusing. We once knew a bloke who found this scary and unsettling too.

Don’t worry – just because you don’t understand acronyms doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the fun on 9 June, when Norwich indie tycoons Bag of Cans (BOC) play the Norwich Arts Centre (NAC) in celebration of releasing their debut album ‘We Are A Band’ (WAAB).

After five heavenly years of matrimony and passionate “music-making”, the boys are finally “with-album” and will be celebrating via a special birthing ceremony (gig, if you will), in the heart of the city they love the most, Norwich.

Joining the band for this special night of joy will be the incomparable Aphra and her band of handsome, affable gentlemen who would have been great friends with your mum in the 90s.

Elsewhere Brightonian wizard Astral Gray comes bearing gifts from the beachy wastelands of this glorious isle we call the UK (United Kingdom).